Sunday, September 18, 2011


When I was transitioning to middle school to junior high school, my friend Peter Boy and his sister, Elaine, who was already at SUNY Oswego taking classes to become a teacher, invited me to the movies to see the first Muppet Movie at Penn Can mall, which is now an automobile dealership (halfway between Pennsylvania and Canada). I remember the movie because their mother, Stephanie, drove over a parking lot island when we were leaving because she was so enthusiastic about our review of the movie. The film introduced us to a crew of fuzzy, wired Jim Henson creations that sang about life, finding their ways, and friendship. I loved the film.

I am thinking of the film, and its music, as I try to make sense of my life that feels as if I, too, am on strings and performing at the pace of others. The songs were sung in choir and they resonate to create a rhythm of life that continue with me today. Ah, Kermit. Some of us hear your song and wonder if we can actually fulfill the magic you croaked about. I'm trying.

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