Thursday, September 22, 2011

It's not falling down, but it's wreaking havoc

The Sherman Minton bridge stretching out of Indiana and into Kentucky has been indefinitely closed down because of found cracks. Those crossing between both states are faced with a headache, leaving I-65 and the 2nd Street bridge as the only ways across the Ohio River in Louisville. Traffic on all three bridges are often intense, and now with it limited to two, friends are reporting it takes over an hour where it once took ten minutes.

Sounds like Connecticut to me.

I am thinking about Europe and how rail makes everything more accessible. With less reliance on cars, Europeans can get to point A from point B because they built a system that takes human foot traffic from place to place. America wasn't build this way and, in many ways, it works against our way of independence. Still, when I sit in highway parking lots I think, "hmmm. perhaps Obama should invest in rail transportation to help an populated United States have easier access to getting to destinations they wish to travel. I love driving, but it is wasted time if traffic doesn't flow.

Poor Kentuckiana. I'm glad I'm not in that snafu.

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