Saturday, September 10, 2011

Well it's 2011, Apple

And I now have a 2011 MacBook Pro. It was delivered this week but I haven't switched over to it yet. Why? Because I haven't had time. It's beautiful, though. It will be sad to say goodbye to the one I currently use as I've been behind its screen incessantly for many, many years. I've not kept up with upgrades since leaving Louisville, so I am excited to see what goods it has.

It's hard to believe people function on other machines, but I understand the expense. What was wonderful this time is that the computer came as part of the job. Bonus. That is a good thing.

Thank you, Apple. When I'm down, I think of you and you've centered so much of my life and the work that I do. Hard to imagine 1984 or who'd I be if you didn't find your rebirth in technology.

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