Wednesday, September 7, 2011

That is, if you remember to wear a belt

I opened a graduate class today with an easy read, The Writer's Notebook. I love the text because it helps one to plant seeds and to get ideas about what to write. I think his advice about writing about big issues with smaller details is smart to observe. The assumption that others will take a bigger leap - well, I think good writing does, that to.

I want to know why the missed belt loop matters, for instance.

I brought a change of clothes for my Tuesday class because it was a long, long day. I forget a belt. Why? Do I write because my brain is in a million places beyond getting dressed in the morning or changing a pair of clothes? Do I write that I changed in my office and forgot to shut the blinds so migrating campus goers had full view of me switching out of shorts and into slacks? Do I write about the excitement that I might now be on YouTube as some crazy man caught on a cellphone standing before a new campus in his white boxer briefs?

Or do I just post some noise. Good to hear what Fletcher sounds like. I've heard his voice in his books, so it's good to know there's a tone to his call. He's a great man, that one.

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