Wednesday, September 14, 2011


It's official. I'm now officially overwhelmed with the access of everything and the instant way we communicate. In the time I teach one class: one hour and fifteen minutes, I return to 45 email messages. I like to be on top of my game, but there is simply too much communication. It has to be filtered abruptly. And it no longer comes through the telephone or from snail mail. It's email (and I'm smart, I don't have email attached to my Blackberry yet...haven't found time for it. I am sure when I do, it will be more information coming at me all the time).

I'm a verbose, windy person. I now appreciate lists.

1. Hi.
2. I need you to (fill in the blank)
3. Thank you.
4. Your name.

All the other wording is abundant and I have to cut to the chase. Sigh. What a shame. Those of us who chose words for a living should find joy with them. Of course, 'back in the day' written language was pleasure---something I did in a park, at a beach, or on a couch. Now, it's digital and everywhere.

And it remains a tool. I shall remain a fool.

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