Friday, September 9, 2011

Well, we'll try it with freshmyn

I can't teach without alluding to the "Allegory of the Cave," but I don't have my file with me so I'm doing it YouTube style and through paraphrasing. This is a metaphor for learning and it is much better in Plato's form. Even so, it's so classic that there's comedy in other renditions, including this one.

I will plant this noise in the minds of my neophytes and let them take it where they will.

Gosh, is it Friday? Seriously. I can't think about time or I will cry. I have no idea where any of it goes. Zip Zap Zoom.

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  1. Bryan

    some day I have to show you my sketches that I use for the Plato's cave... also you should check out Mumford and Son's song The Cave (video isn't all that... but the lyrics are fabulous for teaching - and the music is great!)