Friday, September 2, 2011

This makes me laugh

After another marathon day I returned home to find a box of Triscuits and a bucket of hummus as my only friend. That is dinner as I know it, and so I thought I'd find a video where someone else lives the way I do. Nope. I found someone who has more time on their hands and who can create a creative appetizer from Triscuits. Not me. I just pull them from a box and dip them into whatever I can or add slices of cheese.


Of course, this woman says they are appetizers. In my world they are dinner and I'm thankful for them. I believe, though, that tomorrow I get a real breakfast and dinner through new faculty orientation. It will be nice to have more food groups represented. We shall see. Lord, my body is craving a hamburger and my father's grilled vegetables. Shoot, I want Cynde's cutlets and KC's breakfast casseroles.

I will settle for the asbestos crackers made by Nabisco, though.. It's what I can do given my hectic life right now.

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